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Energy Saving Tips a rated auto gas
Easy Energy Saving Tips

Follow a few simple tips at home and save pounds on your energy bills and help the environment.

Hot water

For most people setting the thermostat at 65°C
is fine for bathing and washing. This will save you
up to £10 a year.


By installing roof insulation or adding to your existing (minimum recommendation 150 mm thick) can reduce your heating bill by 15% upwards and also reduce your carbon footprint.

Stop the standby

Televisions, videos, stereos, computers and cordless phones: Avoid leaving these items on standby and remember not to leave them on charge once they are fully charged.

Washing cycle

Washing machines and tumble dryers: Always wash a full load and if you can’t, use a half-load or economy programme. Always use a low temperature programme - modern washing powders will be just as effective at lower temperatures.

Washing Cycle

Washing clothes at 30º - 40ºC uses a third less power than washing at 60ºC. Choose an ‘A’ rated machine to reduce electric as well as water consumption.

Boiler Efficiency

If your boiler is over +10 years old, it is probably time to think about replacing it with a new ‘A’ rated condensing boiler which will save you 10% on your heating bill and also reduce your carbon footprint.


By setting your room thermostat 1º lower you’ll reduce your heating bill by as much as 10% and also reduce your carbon footprint.


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