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The Complete Service for Underfloor Heating

At Gas, each underfloor heating system is designed for your needs and we can cater for projects of all sizes from complete houses to conservatories and extensions, both new build and conversion.

Space & warmth, naturally.

Underfloor heating works by pumping controlled flows of warm water from a boiler through plastic tubing embedded in the floor. Because the emitting area is large, the warmth provided is sufficient even on a cold winter day without the need for an extra heat source.

No more radiators

Release floor and wall space, giving you back the freedom to use your home as you please.

Natural Radiated Heat

Underfloor heating is perfect for conservatories Underfloor heating warms the lower part of the room, giving a feeling of natural warmth with no stuffiness or draughts.

Performance designed

Each system is individually designed for the room or space it will heat for optimum performance.

Better efficiency

Features which enhance comfort also reduce the running costs, whilst the lower return temperatures of the water flow increase the efficiency of condensing boilers.


Natural Warmth

Underfloor heating offers a new kind of freedom
at home - imagine, no more living space wasted
on radiators. Enjoy fully controllable, efficient
heating that has the versatility to be fitted almost
anywhere in the home.

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information and a no obligation quotation.

Any floor, Anywhere

Underfloor heating is suitable for almost any housing needs including conversions, refurbishments and extensions. It can be installed upstairs as well as down, with equal advantage. Because of the radiant heat produced, underfloor heating is very effective in areas with high ceilings. Underfloor heating is popular in conservatories where it is difficult to find places for radiators and they normally have screed floors, often tiled, so heat transfer is good.

Underfloor heating in conservatories
Underfloor heating is perfect for conservatories.

Few Floor Covering Restrictions

A wide range of floor coverings may be used, including good quality carpet and underlay.Although all carpets act as an insulator, if simple guidelines are followed the efficiency of underfloor heating will not be affected. The low surface temperature of underfloor heating presents no problems with timber floor provided that the timber is well seasoned or kiln-dried and sensible procedures are followed toprevent the timber from taking up moisture from the building.