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How We Can Help

Start the conversation. Contact us by phone or email. We’ll then work with you to:
  1. Analyse your current energy usage and spending, based on where you live and who lives there and identify areas to address
  2. Discuss your expectations and outline realistic areas for optimisation, based on our analysis findings
  3. Propose a personal energy service plan (and possible hardware installation) to enhance your family’s whole home environment
  4. Keep you informed long-term of the latest trends in energy innovation and optimisation with options to update your service plan

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We understand energy

The team at Guernsey Gas prides itself on the experience and qualifications in the energy sector and is uniquely placed to provide advice from trained advisors endorsed by the Energy Trust.

Here’s to a Greener,
Sustainable Future

Guernsey Gas is dedicated to the development of energy efficiency and the future of energy efficient homes, which impact less on our environment. From 2020 we are working with our commercial and domestic customers to identify meaningful and cost-effective innovations that are ultimately better for our island home.

Guernsey is home

There are two core elements of our Guernsey home: the island on which we live and the community of which we are a part. At Guernsey Gas we undertake a professional and responsible goal for our environment, remembering that we are also dedicated to preserving the traditions and vibrancy of the Guernsey community.

4 ways in which we help you reduce your energy costs

Guernsey Gas will always work with our customers to reduce unnecessary energy costs through the use of sustainable and energy efficient economies. Find out more about these key initiatives.

Figures from the Energy Saving Trust