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Our gas is carbon neutral.

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We are proud to say that our gas is 100% carbon neutral meaning you can relax knowing that you will be reducing your impact on the planet with Guernsey Gas at no extra cost to you. We’ve invested in environmental projects across the globe helping tackle climate change for a better world.

Making a
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Our projects aim to preserve rainforest ecosytems and the local communities that live there. On top of that we are supporting renewable energy projects.

The Gola Rainforest, Sierra Leone

We’re helping protect some of the world’s most threatened forests.

The Upper Guinean Forest of West Africa is one of only three forested biodiversity hotspots in Africa. Until the end of the 19th Century it covered most of Sierra Leone, Liberia, South-East Guinea, Southern Ivory Coast and South-West Ghana. Less than a fifth of this rainforest remains today.

The Greater Gola Landscape, straddling the Sierra Leone-Liberia border comprises the largest remnant of this critical ecosystem – over 350,000 hectares in a mosaic of protected areas, community forests and smallholders’ agricultural lands.

All of our efforts contribute to the rebuilding of lives after over a decade of civil war and more recently the worst ever recorded Ebola outbreak. At the same time, the project ensures millions of tonnes of carbon that are locked within Gola’s trees and in the earth below it are safeguarded through sustainable management – delivering benefits for the entire planet.

Our projects in the Gola Rainforest are protecting 32 fish species, 650 plant species, 49 large mammal species as well as increasing basic healthcare, education and agriculture programs across 122 communities, helping 24,000 people.

Based on DEFRA 2020 GHG Reporting Conversion Factors

Our commitment to
carbon neutrality

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